Who we are

PMCO is one of the leading companies in Kuwait and approved by the Kuwait Fire department as a first degree in fire fighting field, the company also  includes the following sections:

  • Department of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm.
  • Department of Plumbing works.
  • Department of HVAC and Smoke Ventilation.
  • Department of Electrical Wiring.

Job responsibility:

  • Study, design and preparation of shop drawings for F. Fighting works, F. Alarm, works, Plumbing works and Ventilation works.
  • Counseling to determine the cause of the fire.
  • Implementation of F. Fighting works, F. Alarm works, Ventilation works and Plumbing works.
  • Implementation of Electrical works and wiring.
  • Implementation of Phone wiring and Satellite wiring.

Please do not hesitate to contact or consult us in any of our department’s.